User Interface, User Experience, Branding

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The Brief

We were very excited when BeFitt came to us with their concept of helping the health and fitness industry. After working many months on the concept, they wanted to represent their concept with a clean and simple User Experience. The fitness industry is full of apps that want to help the gym goer with tracking their exercises and workouts but lacked in a clear and concise path to do so. Their concept was to ensure that the user is able to add their workout plans, find exercises and see their progress.

The app was also to integrate an AI system which finds out what the best workouts is for the user. After which it will build a workout plan for them and change over time based on the input that they place. The plan was to build a concept design so that funding could be found to develop the system.

Background Research

The number of members at fitness clubs in the United States alone was 50.2 million people in 2010. In 2015 that number reached 55.3 million, showing the increase in the fitness market is at a continuous rise. In the United Kingdom a report released in June 2015 stated that 1 in every 8 people in the UK are members of a gym. The most recent report published in May 2016 showed an increase in the number of memberships and now 1 in every 7 people in the United Kingdom are members of a gym. The number of UK memberships has been reported to exceed 9 million people, the first time it has ever done so.

Completed Project

The completed project provided BeFitt with a clear design and user flow. Getting from point A to point B is now set up, the information for each page and how to navigate around has all been set up. This gives them a better idea on how to conduct further market research and come back for development and make any design changes where neccessary.