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"There's nothing out there to help personal trainers. They spend thousands of pounds in getting educated to help people yet there's no support. They pay gyms a fee and the gyms don't provide any support. I want to change that."

The Brief

Fred Perry, CEO of PT Pal Plus, first came to us with a problem that he was facing himself. He was a personal trainer at a gym and found it very difficult to interact with clients, how best to interact with them and what the best way to become a personal trainer. After studying the industry he came up with a solution.

The idea sprung that there was no app on the market to help new personal trainers who had entered the full market. The idea was to create an app for a smartphone and desktop with a number of tools for personal trainers and qualified fitness professionals. The app will structure their time spent in the gym to guide, educate and motivate them to generate leads and clients in a gym environment. The app will also feature the ability for trainer managers to sign up and provide a level of support for the personal trainer. This will then help and monitor the personal trainer at all times.

The app had to be easy to use with clear and concise information to help the user during the busy time. As the business was just starting out, a minimum viable product was developed with the intention to do market research and gain feedback to which a version 2 will be developed.

Final Product

Many hours of research was conducted to see which type of design to go with. As the app with very linear in the way it was used, it was best thought to use a simple box user interface to easily navigate through the app. The colours were kept consistent throughout the app so that it was easy on the eye and kept to a theme. There were a number of new features that were developed in the initial minimum viable product to help with market research such as work logs and PDFs. This will give the team a better understanding of which features are more likely to be widely used.


PT Pal Plus came to us with a clean slate. They had an idea of what they wanted but had no product or branding. It was up to us to make sure that their branding was up to scratch from the get-go. The colour scheme was decided to be a mixture of blue because of how easy it is in the eye. With the application most commonly being used in gyms where there wasn't much natural lighting, it was important to get a colour that wouldn't strain the eye.

The app is all about connecting people. Connecting personal trainers with clients and allowing managers to help their PTs. The lines and circle surrounding the person represent this in a nice icon. The icon uses simple shapes and lines to make it easy to understand at first glance and understand what the business is all about.

The CEO was on a mission. He wanted the application to be in the hands of as many users as possible to get as much feedback as possible to grow the application. This meant meeting with large gym companies such as DW, Pure Gym, Easy Gym and much more. Having a modern and simple business card was essential to hand after a successful meeting.