IMES Tuition provides a platform for students to express and nurture their talents in the field of education. Our professional tutors create a role model relationship, assisting students through the various steps into the working world. They aim to create future leaders by nurturing and developing young people who will be the people of tomorrow.

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What We Did


UI/UX Design

Web Development

The Brief

When IMES first contacted us they had no brand, no website, no marketing and no branding. But after sitting down with them and seeing what they had accomplished, it was easily decided that we can grow their business by giving them a brand, a household name and a system to increase their communication and productivity between tutors and children. As they had no brand the first step was to design and finalise a logo and colour scheme that they were happy with. The team also had to develop a responsive website with clean, simple and easy to read banners. As IMES wanted people to know about their services they opted to go for the traditional hand out a flyer to get their local community to know about the new service that they are providing with the upgraded look.


IMES stands for Institute of Maths, English and Science. The team wanted to cultivate a design which would bring those three elements into a simple icon that was very simple but had a meaning behind it. A strong font was important to show the importance of a school but also the creativeness by adding a multiple of colours.


Web Development The purpose of the website was to engage with potential parents who would like to send their children to IMES to study, learn and grow outside of school. The website was designed to be bright and colourful to attract the children but with clean and consise information for parents to easily understand. Iconography It was important for the design team to have icons that are easily distinguishable, fun and friendly to make the website and branding creative and fun. Some of the icons that were used in the website are as follows.


Brand Design The final design came about after playing around with a number of shapes and circles was very easy on the eye and captured the essence of the business from when it started. Three different colours that were unique were beautifully placed together to show creativeness and a child-friendly environment. The logo is dynamic and is able to be placed in different colour schemes and fitted nicely with or without the icon. Web Design Using a lot of bright colours can either go in two ways, easy on the eye or very difficult. We had to make sure they were used in the right places to make it easy for users to navigate and read. With a lot of user testing and meetings with parents we were able to get a better understanding of how to play with these colours on the website.

Simple Design

Simple design was done by following Google's Material Design. Simple icons and boxes was used to make feedback to the user simple and easy.

Brand Identity

The brand is easily identifiable with the easy play on words, bright colours and simple text. The logo is kept minimial and follows modern design.