Project Plug is a London based clothing start up looking to put their feet into the new genre of clothing line. The company wanted to have a annoymous feel about their brand but that was also easily recognisable. A brand new logo was created from scratch by closely working with them and a clean and simple E-Commerce platform to sell their products.

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What We Did


UI/UX Design

Web Development

The Brief

Plug Line is a startup based in the heart of London looking to bring a new and creative clothing branding to the industry. When the CEO first met with us, his vision of the brand was to make an anonymous icon to represent his idea. The branding was important and key. A few words that stood out to us were bold, unique, simple, clean and different.
The idea of plug line came about in the remote, urban areas of London. These areas had a number of people who wanted to be anonymous. This was shown by the clothing that they would wear e.g. hoodies which covered their face, masks, jackets and many other clothing items. The idea of anonymity was also big during political movements. The CEO wanted to build a brand that would represent that.


The company when they first approached had just had an idea. They had no products in the pipeline. They just had an idea and they wanted us to make this into a reality. Our graphic designer worked hard on a bespoke logo design to represent this. The logo has two eyes which represent an anonymous person. There's a plug at the end of this to tie in with the name. The name "plug" means a person of high importance who is able to get anything that is needed. They are the plug.


Product Development As there was no product designed the team worked to get some mockups created. This helped with the final designs and product development which going to the printers. The designs were kept simple initially with a lot of ideas developed on how to send the products out. A unique box was developed so the user has a different experience when opening the product when compared to other clothing brands. Web Development The purpose of an e-commerce website is to make the purchasing and viewing of products as easy and simple as possible whilst showcasing the creativity of the brand. The team built a simple website that was clean and effective in making orders very simply. Large banners were used to draw the user and show the identity of the brand. Initially, the website showcased products in a studio with no model but have no changed to displaying products with models as customers saw how the clothes could be styled.


Brand Development Clothing is one of the most competitive space in any industry. With so many companies, designs and start up it is very difficult to leave your mark. It was important to design a very clean and simple design which was unique and stood out in comparison to any current brand.

Simple Design

Simple design was done by following Google's Material Design. Simple icons and boxes was used to make feedback to the user simple and easy.


A simple E-Commerce system where the admin can add, edit, delete a number of products and have access via an app on their phone.