PT Pal Plus is a business management system in the form of an App for a smartphone or device and desktop computer. PT Pal Plus has an extensive number of tools for the personal trainers qualified fitness professionals that will structure their time spent in the gym to guide, educate and motivate them to generate leads and clients in a gym environment.

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What We Did

Android Development

UI/UX Design

Architecture Development

Web Development


The Problem

Fred Perry, CEO of PT Pal Plus, first came to us with a problem that he was facing himself. He was a personal trainer at a gym and found it very difficult to interact with clients, how best to interact with them and what the best way to become a personal trainer. After studying the industry he came up with a solution

The Idea

The idea sprung that there was no app on the market to help new personal trainers who had entered the full market. The idea was to create an app for a smartphone and desktop with a number of tools for personal trainers and qualified fitness professionals. The app will structure their time spent in the gym to guide, educate and motivate them to generate leads and clients in a gym environment.


Market ResearchBefore starting the project, Fred conducted research with a number of personal trainers who were new to the trade and finding out the problems that they faced.DesignWe designed a user flow and experience with a number of prototypes to find the most suitable for his needs. It was vital that the design meant quick development to get it to market as soon as possible.DevelopmentThe app was developed in native Android to test as a Minimum Viable Product. The backend was developed in Firebase to make it quick to market.


FeaturesAs there was a number of features to develop it was important to find out which ones were the most important. All the features could be developed but we wanted to ensure that the app was completed within the desired time frame. Thanks to working closely with Fred and his hard work to do research we were able to find out exactly what was the most important. Correct BackendThe backend developers was stuck between which back end system to use. Firebase at the time was still early days but meant very quick development. We were also efficient in using PostGress however this would have taken much longer. We opted for Firebase to help learn a new stack and get it to market as soon as possible.

Simple Design

Simple design was done by following Google's Material Design. Simple icons and boxes was used to make feedback to the user simple and easy.

Custom Calendar

A calendar where the user can add custom events and log time worked or when they want to work.